Support your workforce with benefits that matter.

Give a pass for your employees wellbeing and productivity.
Offer an exclusive cost-sharing experience with our PerkCard.

Customize benefits that matter for your remote,
hybrid employees.

Choose among time efficient, stress reducing services, which promote retention.

In-home providers

Prescreened cleaners and housekeepers, repair professionals, increase productivity and eliminate time consuming  chores

Family Care providers

Caregivers for children, family and pets are among the most beneficial perks to reduce the likelihood of resignations.

Workspace Design

Create an ergonomic space with state of the art  communication capabilities for interacting with the office and colleagues.

Health and Wellbeing providers

Conference with professionals, learn meditation techniques, join exercise coaching and receive healthy meal suggestions.

PerkCard Attracts

and Retains Talent.

Increases employees well-being and engagement

Improves quality of life and offers personal solutions ( Yoga, meditation, coaching, emotional support services, and more).

Increases productivity and lower stress

A tidy and organized home translates to less stress, less distractions, more focus and fewer sick days.
Most employees have family obligations that require help. PerkCard covers in-home services and caregiving.

Shows Your Company Cares

Your logo on the PerkCard expresses your commitment to their success.
Custo mizes and gives choices to your team.
Our dashboard provides your company feedback, on services utilized, amounts spent and more.

Manager your employees need

On our dashboard, your company can see, and manage the services, the amount and much more, on employee PerkCard spends.

Here is how

the PerkCard works.


Your company customizes the benefit program
Give your program a name, then select vendors from our marketplace.


Set a budget and /or optional cost-sharing
A virtual card is issued to work with the programs you’ve created.


Your employees choose a merchant to use their card
If they reach the maximum budget available, they can keep using the PerkCard as a regular credit card.

The first benefit platform to provide an exclusive cost-sharing component.

The platform gives employees the ability to use it, if necessary.

Our exclusive cost-sharing system

Every time the employee spends at a provider, our system debits the preset cost-sharing indicated from employer and employee accounts.

For example

If your company is cost-sharing 50%. When the employee makes a transaction for $100 they have to pay their cost-share of 50%, and the company pays the other 50%.

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